Our Projects

In order to get to know all the Consortium's activities programmed for this year, please refer to the Strategic Development Plan: the annual document edited by the Board of Director and approved by the Consortial Assembly, which establishes the lines of actions of the referring year.

Consorzio Marche Spettacolo promotes planning, publishing and meeting initiatives as well as discussions on the main subjects afferent the performing arts sector.

Some of the most important are:

TrainArt - Building new skills for innovative business models in the performing arts sector

TrainArt aims at strengthening the competitiveness of the performing arts sector and at shaping new skills for cultural operators interested in developing innovative business models in the Cultural and Creative Industries. This is done through the implementation of a transnational capacity building program, thanks to which the beneficiaries learn from field experts and share the practices with their colleagues. Project partners and beneficiaries will then have the opportunity to test the skills acquired by experimenting with innovations in their respective business models.

The project is supported by the Creative Europe - Smaller scale cooperation projects program.

For more information visit the website: www.trainart.eu

B.Art - Business and Art for the cross-fertilization of companies in the Marche region

B.Art is coordinated by Consorzio Marche Spettacolo and co-financed by the European Social Fund – “POR FESR 2014/2020 – Supporting innovation and aggregation in small and medium enterprises in the cultural-creative, manufacturing and tourism sectors, to improve international competitiveness and job employment”.

The project implements several actions, aimed at stimulating internal organizational processes in businesses and at improving companies’ competitiveness in the manufacturing and service fields, through performing arts interventions. In fact, the performing art sector is considered as both a language able to stimulate business innovation and an attractive market opportunity.

5 artistic interventions are implemented, created and managed by our Consortium members, according to the non-technological innovation needs expressed by the companies taking part in the project. These needs can be divided into two clusters: the creation of a digital platform, designed to stimulate and facilitate the matching process between Art&Business services’ supply and demand, and the application of marketing practices aimed at the performing art sector, a market niche with a potential that is still highly unexpressed.

For more information visit the website: http://www.bartmarche.it/

S.IN.C. - Show Innovation Creativity

The project's strategy is to establish connections and to experiment ways of cooperation between two components of the Evolved Cultural District: the performing arts and the creative businesses (Architecture, Communication and branding, Design and style-craft production). S.IN.C.'s agenda is articulated along four axes, briefly described as follows.

  1. The first axis focuses on the relationship between the entrepreneurial world and the show business by directing the regional creative businesses into experimenting the use of arts/techniques/languages relative to the performing arts for processes of non technological innovation (innovation of an organizational and management type).
  2. The activities of the second axis are set on the awareness of the regional high quality theatre professionals and on the importance of adjusting training competences and tools to the new needs of the market in order to become competitive in extra-regional markets. It's for these reasons that it's important to work in stable forms of entrepreneurial association, enabling the reinforcement of the whole department and encouraging self-employment, as well as identifying efficient types of agreements between institutions and professionals of the performing arts.
  3. The third axis experiments modes of efficient management of the theatres of the Marche region.
  4. The fourth axis is resolved to implement regionally paths of reinforcement of the fruition of the performing arts, through coordinated and systematic ticket booking operations based on the simplification of the systems and on the improvement of purchase (use of new technologies and innovative marketing strategies, integrated and widespread booking facilities, etc.). Also through the finalization of mechanisms focused on the development of virtuous behaviours (sustainable mobility and voluntary work for culture) in determined areas of the performing arts' audience with solutions of reciprocity, discounts and benefits.

Visit the project website: sinc.marchespettacolo.it!


On 25/10/2014, with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Marche Opera Network was established. Marche Opera Network is a regional system in support of the "Ordinary Lyric Theatres" composed by the theaters of Ascoli, Fano and Fermo, the Regional Orchestra (FORM), and supported by the "Theatre of Tradition" of Macerata and the Rossini Opera Festival (Pesaro). The Network represents the first Italian case of such a collaboration between different Institutions operating in the Opera field. Its aim is to promote the Opera production and to support the employment of regional workforce.


"Performing arts in the Marche region. Subjects, events, numbers, history"

Born from the necessity of knowing and defining in a detailed and scientific way the production and distribution activity of performances in the region, this project is the outcome of a biennial census of performing arts' entities and events of the region.

For information or to demand a copy of the Census write to: censimento@marchespettacolo.it


Launched in November 2012, reiterated in 2013 and 2014, is an experimental project in support of employment in the performing arts and it's intended to value human resources at risk of employment in the region's performing arts compartment.

Refresh! Performing arts in the Marche region for the new generations

Published for the first time in September 2011, repeated in October 2012 and 2013, it's announcement for the concession of subsidies for cultural-artistic initiatives addressed to young talents, young competences in the performing arts and the education of young people audiences. "Refresh", with its 22 supported projects, aims to be a concrete contribution for the implementation of a systematic project, one of the objectives of the Consortium Statute, which aim is to "favor a bigger involvement of the younger generation in the fruition and participation of the performing arts". The project exclusively addressed to the Consortium's associates, as well as paying attention to the younger generation, it's also a strong incentive for the collaboration and networking between the associates: in fact for both years the announcement expected a partnership of minimum three entities.

Open Cultural Tanks/ Silver Art

Promoted by the Marche region (Regional Board Decree n. 1035 del 18/07/2011) the initiative expects specific interventions for the fruition of the region's cultural heritage -theatres, libraries and museums- with the help of volunteers aged 60 and over appropriately formed and coordinated complementing the permanent staff. In line with the European Union's frame "European year 2012" for the promotion of active aging, the project aims to renovate the fruition of cultural tanks in order to see them as active "tools" for cultural development. Consorzio Marche Spettacolo in collaboration with Auser and the university for the elders -UNITRE, takes care of the operational aspects of the project for the coordination of the volunteers in the territory. The project is open to the collaboration with other interested Voluntary or of Social Promotion Associations that have renown experience in the cultural sector and are registered in the regional records.

For information on the project please contact:

tel. 071 8065040
fax. 071 2298308